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Tyson’s Battle

9.5 Years Young and a New Amputee…

Tyson’s Battle

Boo to the drain!!

April 13th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Ok. So, after Sunday evening’s explosive fluid drain from Tyson’s incision, I made an appointment with our vet and saw her on Monday. She confirmed the seroma, but was convinced it would be reabsorbed without intervention because it had already drained so much. She did give us another round of antibiotics, just in case, but didn’t seemed concerned. In fact, she was really happy with how Tyson was moving around. He’s quite the rock star at the vet these days.

So, off we went home and resumed our activity and Tyson’s inactivity. He has not been pleased with confinement. I’ve been trying to do some low key games with him, but he’s a runner….and he’s pissed that I won’t let him run. I can tell. 😕

Things were going fine. Stitches were scheduled to come out on Thursday. So, of course, on Wednesday night, the incision starts dripping again from the same spot. I brought Ty in on Thursday morning for his appointment and the tech said “yep, not taking those out… need to see a vet again.” Bah! The earliest appointment was at 5pm and it would be with the vet who did the surgery.

At 5pm, I walk in there with Tyson. The surgeon walks in and she looks at Ty and says, “It appears, our star has a seroma.” She walks over and gives one area a squeeze and “pop” SO much fluid poured out on to the floor!! I was like, “woah”,but she and Tyson both seemed unphased. 😂. Anyway, they put in a drain. She wants the fluid to drain but not to drain through the incision. That HAS to heal up.

So, poor Ty is draining for a few days. It’s amazing how different his hip looks now that the fluid is gone!!!! I had no idea how large the seroma was!! Hopefully this does the trick. I really want to let him out and let him go!!

Meanwhile, it’s snowing here again, so I guess we aren’t missing much outside.

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  • rottwlr2

    Tyson is quite the handsome boy. Beau also had a soroma which hasn’t been dangerous but has slowed healing in my opinion. We were finally given antibiotics after his incision site started really weeping three weeks after his surgery which was one week after his stitches came out. It was scary. He is doing much better today having gone to the vet last Saturday. I feel for your guy and for you, this road is full of surprises and uncertainties I feel. Thinking of you all and hoping things resolve easily and soon. It is snowing here too, the weather hasn’t been ideal for learning to navigate on three!

    • tgranny

      Ugh…this snow. The worst for figuring out how to walk on 3!! I’m glad to hear that your boy is doing better. It’s so weird that an incision is basically healed to the eye, but can still leak fluid. Pretty freaky stuff! Here’s sending healing hugs to all of our recovering Tripawds!

  • paws120

    Awww.. poor thing, both of you! I guess on the more positive side he didn’t get all sick with a raging infection. I am glad that he is ok. Did they say how long they want to keep it in?
    He is going to feel a LOT better without all that fluid in there!!

    • tgranny

      3-5 days for the drain. It’s not a massive flow right now, but it’s dripping. We’re going through a lot of puppy pads and towels, but it’s only for a few days and I am so glad to have it draining out instead of causing all of that pressure. It’s likely not comfortable, but I imagine it feels better not to have all that fluid inside!

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