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Tyson’s Battle

9.5 Years Young and a New Amputee…

Tyson’s Battle

Holy fluid, Batman…

April 9th, 2018 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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So….yesterday, my boy had a wonderful day! He was so happy and peppy! He rolled on his back for scratches and I took him outside for his first unleashed pee! He walked to his ball picked it up and dropped it at my feet. And as I laughed at the ridiculousness of this action, I saw it: blood dripping into the snow.

I leashed him and brought him inside immediately to look at the incision. It still looked great!! Except…there’s this one little area (about 1/2” long) that is dripping the same blood-tinged fluid that he came home with.

Well, back to isolation for Ty and I’m watching him like a hawk. The spot won’t heal….it keeps seeping. I posted in the forums here and it sounded pretty normal: perhaps a seroma is leaking due to too much activity (damnable off leash pee!!). Ok. I can handle this. I’ll go see the vet Monday morning.

Well, today, the leaking persisted. I have been changing blankets and keeping it clean. He’s been laying for all but about 20 minutes today. I think I’m in the clear….until, dinner time.

Poor Ty stands up, excited for dinner and “sploosh” the fluid starts really flowing and dripping in the floor!! It’s not blood….just that clear, blood-tinged fluid, but A LOT of it!! I grabbed a towel and applied pressure while my husband frantically looked for the emerg vet number.

Now, we live out on an acreage and our small town has one older vet who answers her phone late. She’s not our vet, but she is awesome. I explained what was happening and realized at that moment that the flow had stopped. She said, likely a draining seroma. Keep it clean and follow up with our vet tomorrow unless it’s really scary to you, then take him to the city.

Holy moly! What a freak out! And this dog is just laying there looking at me like “what IS it, woman? Relax!”. We will be at the vet first thing in the morning….methinks another dose of antibiotics will do. 😳

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • benny55

    This had to be so scary!!!

    Yes, definitely get him checked out, but I thin your Vet is spot-on with what’s going on. And believe it or not, it is good that it’s draining. Sometimes drain tubes actually have to be put in.

    These things do happen. Doesn’t make it any easier if you’re the one it’s happening to though! Sounds like you have a good handle on it and, hopefully, the drainy will continue to lessen.

    I love the spunk of Mr Tyson!! Hang in there! Hes’s got this!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • tgranny

      I hope he doesn’t need a drain tube. He’s doing SO well….another procedure would be a big setback for him.
      I can feel a bit of fluid in there still, but it looks WAY better than yesterday. The skin is no longer taut and there is no leakage so far today. (Even with carrying out his “business”). Fingers crossed for a good appt today.

  • paws120

    Oh boy, yes it’s scary. Especially if there was a lot of fluid and it felt hard instead of mushy so you didn’t know the fluid was there. Better out than in, it drained on its own and that is a good thing! When it doesn’t drain it can fester and get infected. Keep using tepid to warm compresses, it will help keep it clean and also help and more fluid drain until your very can see him. Tyson… No more of this, behave buddy!

  • jerry

    The same thing happened to us with our Jerry! And boy were we scared. Glad it was only a seroma. You did good and so did Tyson!

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