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Tyson’s Battle

9.5 Years Young and a New Amputee…

Tyson’s Battle

Drains in, drains out.

April 16th, 2018 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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So, the drains went in on Thursday. For a couple of days the fluid has been draining, but not very much at all. We were advised 3-5 days for the drain so I stopped by the clinic on Saturday and asked if they should come out yet. I was told “no, leave them until Monday”. Ok, so I booked an appointment for Monday morning (tomorrow) to get them removed.

Tyson hasn’t been bothered with them, nonetheless he’s been coned 100% of the time inside and he’s been on leash to do his business outside. Things have been looking pretty good until this morning: I came down from the bedroom to check on him in his area and there he was with the cone on and the tubes GONE!! 😳. Ummmm….I looked around and they were nowhere to be found. Pretty sure the little beast ate them!! So, I was about to panic, but instead I just cleaned him up and checked him out. There was no significant redness or sign of infection, no indication of tubing left inside, no foul smell, so I figured that we would let it be and keep our appointment tomorrow morning. I may also go poop diving to see if I can find the tubing and make sure he’s passed it.

At first, we couldn’t imagine how he had done this magical feat with the cone on!!!! Then, we caught him licking the area by wedging the cone as far up his neck as possible and sticking his head outside the coned area! WELL, this is now a problem because I need him to stop licking the incisions AND I can’t watch him while I sleep! So, I got out his old Thunder Shirt (from years ago) and stitched up the one leg whole and VOILA:

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier??? Now, with the cone, his Royal Highness King Tyson Licking-Head will not have a chance to lick everything. Perhaps it will have a chance to heal properly instead!
Fingers crossed that we don’t get in trouble tomorrow for not going to emerg. 😳😳

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  • reilly95

    Royal Highness King Tyson Licking-Head!! Baby boy! Prays that everything is ok for your furbaby. That is a great idea with t-shirt! I am amazed how creative everyone on this forum becomes in times of need.

    Sending positive vibes.

    Head Scritches and Sand Paper Kisses,
    Rusty the Bunnyman and his hoomins Nick and Gina

  • tlahaye

    Well done . . . very resourceful.

    Poop diving . . . there was a time I chose not to wait. Headed for the shower and found my wallet, pretty well flipped inside out with most of my cards now embossed, a $740 check mutilated, and $135 cash just gone. Not happy, but as I stood in the shower, thinking about the morning it occurred to me this may have just happened. Out comes the hydrogen peroxide and after a couple minutes, out comes my $135. I rinsed it off thoroughly and reassembled those bills enough that I went to the bank and got my money back.


  • benny55

    TYSON!!!! YOU ARE A STRONG WILLED AND DETERMINED VOU!!! And that can be a really good trait…when applied properly!! But Mr TYSON Licking Head, this was NOT good use of those skills!!

    OMD! Thank goodness every thing is okay you silly boy!😎

    And now your Mom has to him look diving to find your little tasty morsel! I actually do hope she dindsnit. This will be a piece of TYSON memoribila that will forever be part of your legacy!

    I know this isn’t funny, but….shhhhh…it is!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    • tgranny

      Found it. All pieces accounted for….which is GOOD because the tech wasn’t super convincing this morning when I asked if it was all out!! There is a lump of tissue around the drain incision that could have been tubing or scar tissue. Now, at least, I know what it is!!!

  • jerry

    That was some fast thinking, love the shirt idea! I’m so happy things worked out. Crazy Tyson!

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