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Tyson’s Battle

9.5 Years Young and a New Amputee…

Tyson’s Battle

A Ruff Day Yesterday….

April 5th, 2018 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well, they can’t all be smooth days, can they?

Ty was up and about as usual yesterday.  Even ventured into the kitchen with me sporting his new toe grips.  However, that little burst of confidence was a bit too much.

I popped out to the store and when I returned, Ty was laying on his bed with grandma watching him.  Then, he burst up off the floor and ran over to me, apparently dodging ALL of the traction mats we have down, and slipped pretty awkwardly on the floor.  So much for the toe grips….

The rest of the day was hard for him.  He was really labouring to move around and he seemed miserable and unsure of walking inside. The fall pulled at the incision a bit and it was bleeding in one spot…cleaned it up quick and it re-healed but it was obviously a set back for him.

So, no more toe grips (Sorry, Dr Buzby).  Maybe we’ll try again once he’s more comfortable moving around.

Today he woke up peppy and had a great couple of walks outside with Gus.  I popped out and picked up some ruffwear boots, so he is going to try some sweet traction shoes for inside.  Hopefully they will help him move around inside a bit more comfortably and I won’t be terrified of his slipping!!!

Thank you for all of the helpful comments and suggestions!  You are all so amazing!  We’ll figure this out eventually….


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8 Comments so far ↓

  • sjstern

    I used yoga mats all over the place for traction with my Golden. Works well!

    • tgranny

      That’s a great idea! But he seems disinterested in taking the easiest/carpeted path. Hopefully the boots will become more comfortable for him because they certainly give him good grip!

  • benny55

    TYSON!!! WHAT THE HECK?! If yiu didn’t like the booties all you had to do was say so!! Well, actuaw, I guess you just did!! 🙂

    I must say though, yoy look ADORABLE in them!

    Yeah, a few face plants happen and can mess with their confidence at first, as well as make them sore! Plus, as you already saw with Tyson, the muscles get strained and sore for a day or two. It takes approximately thirty days for all the muscles that are being used in new ways to adjust.
    A day or two of rest does wonders.

    Good job of taking care of his incision eoght off the bat!

    He really is handling this recovery like a Champ this early on….And it is very early in recovery!! To see him get up when you came back home had to make your heart smile! Well, except for the falling part!

    Love seeiw pictures of this xweet boy!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • jerry

    Ohhhh poor Tyson. I hope he’s feeling better now, that sounds like it was painful.

    Did the Toe Grips actually come off? Just wondering. I learned that if you super glue them on, they won’t pop off.

    Meanwhile, carpet runners are the best thing you can do for him on top of the boots. He’ll get the hang of it now, I’m betting on it. He’s a smart boy.

    Be careful Tyson. No more falls OK?

    • tgranny

      Well, they didn’t come off. He just doesn’t seem to be getting much grip from them. I placed them close to the tip of the nail and adjusted them…just not a great grip. I’ll try them again once he’s more comfortable on three legs.

  • roscoeandjeffro

    Wow. I want to just kiss that beautiful muzzle and wrap my arms around him (don’t get jealous).

    I think Roscoe understands the “let’s push it a little” perspective, and I understand (from our situation anyways) wanting to balance progress with parenting. (Still working on it, I haven’t found that balance yet. Both of us are face-planting here and there as we adapt to this new adventure.)

    So cool to read your story. Thanks so much for sharing these experiences!

    -Roscoe and Jeffro (and Hazel, stealing what toys she can, then giving them back….).

  • roscoeandjeffro

    By the way, I meant to say that while Roscoe was in the hospital, I spent two weekends prepping the house for his return.

    Part of that was getting more rugs than I would otherwise have gotten for our almost exclusively non-carpeted 2000 square foot house.

    Roscoe’s a peach. I love him crazy. I don’t hold it against him, but he avoids almost all of the rugs almost all of the time, even when it means walking out of his way to get where he’s going.

    When I put him in rubber socks after the biopsy, he figured out how to wipe his foot on the floor to get them off.

    I think it’s maybe his way of telling me to chill out. I think he may actually have a streak of independence and pride in being able to overcome.

    If he keeps it up, maybe I’ll believe it a little more for me. You seem like someone who would ‘get’ this.

    Chin up! (And again, thanks for sharing.)

    • tgranny

      A friend of mine gave me some of those rubber socks. We haven’t tried them yet because his little runners seem to be working well!
      Yes, these animals certainly do assert their independence when you really prefer they wouldn’t! Ty has always been stubborn (he was a destructive puppy!!) but he’s 9.5 now….and he still stops moving outside when he’s on leash and stares at me until we go to the spot he wants for a pee….even if it’s the other side of a hill!!! Soooooo stubborn.

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