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Tyson’s Battle

9.5 Years Young and a New Amputee…

Tyson’s Battle

6 Days Post-Amp and He Wants to Run…

April 3rd, 2018 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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…of course I am not letting him, but it appears that going faster is easier than going slowly.

Mr Tyson got up today from his bed and walked to the door for the first time on his own. Then he stared at me as if to say “Hey, woman, let’s go outside!”  So, we did!  It was a functional walk (he had business to attend to), but he wanted to go down the driveway and to the road.  Gus came too, always looking around and protective.  Then we booted it back to the house, by way of eating snow, and he went right back to his bed with a big ol’ grin on his face.

I have been taking him out on leash and with his harness and will continue to do so until the stitches come out, but my general thought is “when do I let him go it by himself?”  And is there anything I can do to help exercise/strengthen his other legs for him?  I will have to investigate.

We also got some of those Dr Busby’s Toe Grips to help out inside.  He has oodles of confidence out, but not a lot on our floors (despite the skid mats).  Hopefully these grips will help!


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  • benny55

    Tyson, you are quite the character!! Soooo glad you are rocking this recovery in such a stellar way!

    And your hooman is doing an excellent job of monitoring you and letting you do just enough for now, without overdoing it!

    I know it’s so uplifting to see some of Tyson’s sparkle return 🙂

    If you go to the forums and search Rehabilitation exercises (or something similar…I’m not very good with the right “search” words), you’ll find @ots of info. Just going from a sit to stand position can help build his tummy sore muscles.

    As far as walkies after stitches are out, you’ll want several shorter walks as opposed to one or two longer ones. He shukd be okay off leash in the yard at that time…just no crazy jumping up and over stuff.

    Really glzd to hear how well he’s doing…big grin on my face 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • paws120
    This is just one of many things you can look up to learn about rehab for your boy.
    They recommend exercises that strengthen their core to help keep them strong, and managing their weight because weight on 3 impacts a lot more than weight on 4.
    If you go to the search boxes here and limit your search to the most important word, like rehab, you will find all kinds of things pop up.
    I am so glad Tyson is feeling good, if he takes a little nose dive over the next couple of days, don’t be alarmed. Most people have to tweak medications and doses after all the hospital anesthesia, pain shots, and all that great pink elephant meds are out of their system.
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  • roscoeandjeffro

    What a lucky pup he is to have you. What a lucky guardian you are to have Tyson. We are 21 days post-op today. It’s been an emotional 3-6 weeks for us. I imagine you and yours have experienced similar. (I want to be protective enough, for example, but not overprotective….)

    Roscoe’s first night home, I wanted to help him get on the couch, but I kept myself from it. He crumpled into the cushions twice, but it was only cushions (I had to tell myself). On the third time, though, he’d figured it out again. Broke my heart a little, and then made me gleam with pride.

    Roscoe and I (and all those following us) are pulling for and thinking of Tyson and you (and all those following you). What an unrequested and humbling experience this all is, eh?

    I’ll be stalking you guys for a while, if you don’t mind (not in a creepy way). Hugs and best wishes! Best. Wishes.

  • mysweetted

    So glad to read this. MySweetTed ran at 6 days and I let him! It almost seemed like the momentum of a slight gallup was easier than hopping – and he did that whenever he had the opportunity. Good luck to you and Tyson.

  • jerry

    Pawesome news about Tyson!

    Yes there are MANY things you can do to let him have fun while making sure he is safe from injury. Please visit the Tripawds Gear blog for fitness tips, or go straight to our e-book library and download our “Loving Life on Three Legs”book, which has may important exercise and rehabilitation therapy tips.

    Also, don’t forget the Tripawds Foundation will may even pay for Tyson’s first rehab therapy visit! See:

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