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Tyson’s Battle

9.5 Years Young and a New Amputee…

Tyson’s Battle

Hoppy Easter!

April 1st, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well, we are 4 days post-amputation and Tyson is constantly amazing me.

The leakage that he was experiencing the first day back has stopped and the incision looks very good.  Still a lot of bruising, but clean and dry….which is more than I can say for the weather.  Here in Alberta we’ve had snow and cold and it is not great for a new three-legged guy to get around!

Tyson refuses to pee close to the house.  We live on an acreage and he insists on pulling out into the wilds to do his business. 🙄 This dog….

So, I take him out every few hours for a jaunt up a small hill and into the snow to do what he has to do.  If I hold the handle to the harness he won’t move.  If I let him go just on leash, he’s happy as hell.  It’s truly amazing.

Ive managed to get my hands on a Webmaster Plus to use once the stitches are removed!  Yay!  So things are going well so far.  Our biggest task is keeping him from moving too much in these early days.  We bought a baby gate and blocked off a small hallway to keep him secluded.  It’s working great.  Now I don’t need to worry about him slipping or my other dog licking the incision.

So far, so good!!

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • dougo1

    We are so happy for your progress. The first week is the hardest but your boy is rockin this👍
    We are 16 days post op and almost totally back to pre op life

  • krun15

    Good job! Sorry your weather is crappy but at least you know he can handle it on three!
    Most rear amps can use the webmaster harness right away since the straps don’t bother the incision.
    Another option for keeping tongues away from the incision is boxer shorts- the tail goes through the fly.
    And Happy Easter!
    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

    • tgranny

      Thanks! He’s using the Webmaster harness now. It’s really a great harness for helping him out!

  • benny55

    TYSON!! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!! Nothing’s gonna’ hold you back 🙂 🙂

    Wonderful to hear how well you are doing this early on!”’You are a feisky determined fella!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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